About the Sur Ron

The Sur Ron is much better than you would expect and worth investigating.

The Sur-ron is not a motorcycle and not a mountain bike, so it requires a unique riding style and setup.

It has some distinct advantages that make it increasingly popular - it's's's's's's LOW maintenance, opening up new riding opportunities especially off road in urban areas.

The stock Sur-ron though, has some inherent weaknesses. See our products that fix these.

What sort of riding is the Sur Ron good for?

Enduro?.......yes this is where the Sur Ron shines.....the harder the conditions the more you appreciate its light weight and agility. It's under powered for serious competition but what it lacks in power it makes up in manoeuvrability. Suitable for beginner to intermediate riding. You will need to consider a spare battery for longer events.

Hare Scrambles and Pony Express?..... perfect for clubman, intermediate events. For longer events you may need to access a spare battery.

Trail riding?....... It's perfect! Real blast, range is good and it's great on all trail types.

Play riding?....... brilliant to mess around in the back yard or local open areas, it's quiet and so much fun.

Motocross or Supercross?.......not at competition level but it's seriously fun on easier tracks or the local BMX track. (Maybe the new Sur Ron Storm will change this?)

Road?....... surprisingly it's very good at low speed up to 35 mph. It corners and handles well and it's light weight and low height make it agile.