Surron Ultra handle bar riser with dampening

Race Spec

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Product Overview

Don't waste money and time buying replacement riser bars fro your Surron Ultra!

Stock Sur-ron Ultra bars are way too low, cramping riding and causing a sore back due to excessive lean over while riding off road.

This is the best, quickest, most cost effecitve and easiest solution for improving your Surron Ultra's riding position and handle bar height. No need to remove grips or controls, just install the new riser to lift original bar height to an optimal position. Adds approx. 35mm to stock bar height give provide best riding position, race tested. They have inbuilt dampening to reduce vibration. Our Surron Ultra Riser offers greater rider control, rider comfort and greater stability.

By raising the stock Surron Ultra bars, in 5 minutes your riding can be greatly improved. No need to remove throttle, grips or brake assemblies. Simply unbolt the stock Surron Ultra riser base and install Race Spec Riser inplace.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review