Ultimate Race Spec Upgrade Pack for Surron

Race Spec

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Product Overview

Race ready MX grade pro gear made in a convenient bundle to suit Surron X.

Up your game and completely change the look of your bike with this ultimate upgrade pack from Race Spec Sur Ron.


MX Replacement Seat in black

Pro 2 Skid Plate

Our world class 21x1.6 front and 18x1.85 Rear black rims Offset to allow better chain clearance

Billet heavy duty hubs, straight pull spokes and alloy nipples.

Ultimate grip foot rest and Brace in black

110mm Handlebar Riser

Long Rear Guard in black

58 Tooth sprocket in black

Disc Guard in black

Adjustable CNC Kick stand in black

All the bits you need to install everything


The MX seat provides comfort and ability to move forward and back shifting weight when needed.

Pro 2 Skid plate and disc guard alows the hardest of hits to occur while keeping your bike safe.

110mm riser to adust the height of the handle bars to match the MX seat

The pegs and brace allow a tonne more grip and rigidity in the frame

The kickstand is perfect for your new larger wheels, adjusts height for more stability on uneven surfaces

58 tooth sprocket is a very effective size to increase acceleration and climability

The rims are the perfect size for wide range of tire options, look great and have a rear offset for better chain to tire clearance.

All parts to suit Surron X





(No reviews yet) Write a Review